Smart Learning Institute (SLI) is affiliated to Beijing Normal University (BNU), and serves as an experimental platform comprising scientific research, technology development and education. SLI is also a joint venture between BNU and Elernity.

SLI aspires to promote the advantages of BNU in education, psychology, educational technology and other disciplines. It also aims to utilize the capital, knowledge and experiences of Elernity, and its parent firm NetDragon Websoft Inc., in internet technologies, cloud computing, and product development.

SLI focuses on researching learning patterns under ICT environments, designing smart learning environments and building platforms that enable life-long learning and support the various, personalized and differentiated learning styles of digital learners.

SLI thrives to promote the development of educational technology and other related disciplines, build the digital capacity of Chinese talents, and to further improve the quality of education and capacity of research and development. SLI will diligently work to enhance the two-day integration of information technology and education to better service China's  education system.

SLI is on a mission to:

(1)make a breakthrough in key product development or research project;

(2)create a solution to promote smart learning which can be widely applied;

(3)develop the theory for smart learning;

(4)explore the methods and means to integrate information technology and education, also produce a series of internationally influential academic achievements;

(5)set up experimental areas and schools to develop advanced education and research of teaching models based on big data;

(6)explore and build a training platform by combining production, learning, and research for highly qualified talents through double employment mechanism and enterprise's tutoring systems.

Currently, under a fast development environment in internet and digital technology, educational reform and the integration of technologies and education have become the focus and trend of education.

We are looking forward to cooperating with peers from home and abroad to join us to realize the Chinese education dream, namely, “Nobody is left behind. Teach according to students'uniqueness, and ensure lifelong learning so that everyone becomes a talent.”