The 6th GCD4FE (2023) Successfully Held at Beijing Normal University

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From August 18th to 20th, 2023, the Global Finals of the 6th Global Competition on Design for Future Education, co-organized by Beijing Normal University (BNU) and UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE), was successfully held at BNU's Changping Campus. The themes of the Competition include Artificial Intelligence and Education, Metaverse and Education, Rural Education, Inclusive Education, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Psychology. It featured two categories, for college students and for primary and secondary school teachers respectively, aiming to gather a comprehensive and effective range of solutions for future education design from a global perspective. Additionally, the Competition sought to highlight global examples of how primary and secondary school teachers incorporate the concept of future education into their teaching practices.

Cross-National Collaboration during the Competition

The Global Finals for college students spanned 3 days, featuring a 48-hour team-based educational project design. A total of 111 participants from various countries, including China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, the UK, Italy, and other different universities, formed 20 competing teams. Through a combination of online and offline methods, they worked collaboratively, dividing tasks, and engaged in cross-national cooperation. 11 university and enterprise mentors from educational, design, artificial intelligence, psychology, and other fields, provided guidance and oversight through face-to-face interactions offline or online meetings.

On the first and second evenings of the Global Finals, there were group stage and repechage stage. Each team was given a time limit of 5 minutes to present their projects using formats such as PowerPoint presentations, video demonstrations, and physical exhibits. The mentor team provided real-time scoring and evaluations on-site. Ultimately, 10 out of the 20 participating teams were selected to advance to the final presentation round.

Fun Activities

Amidst the intense competition, participants for college student category also engaged in a diverse range of enjoyable games and leisure activities. Through the "Morning Exercise Check-In," they engaged in the practice of the Chinese Tai Chi Eight-Section Brocade. In the "My Story with the Competition" session, they openly shared their experiences and anecdotes from their involvement in the competition. Besides, during the "Drawing and Handicraft" activity, they utilized do-it-yourself methods to craft distinct and personalized handmade creations.

Roadshow for Students and Teachers

On August 19th and 20th, 2023, roadshows for college students and for primary and secondary school teachers were held respectively. The 10 advanced teams for college students and 20 advanced case-studies for primary and secondary school teachers took turns to present their works. Students focused on the competition themes and addressed real-life educational issues. They proposed innovative design solutions from perspectives such as supporting marginalized groups, promoting arts education, and enhancing learning experiences. Primary and secondary school teachers shared and discussed various educational practices from the angles of art education, deep integration of AI and education, and adolescent mental health.

Experts from universities, research institutes, and businesses provided detailed assessments of each project and case-study. Finally, gold, silver, and bronze awards were bestowed upon the participants of college student category, while the primary and secondary school teacher category saw the recognition of first and second prize winners.

Closing Ceremony and Awarding

The award ceremonies for primary and secondary school teachers and college students took place respectively at the "Forum on Teacher Digital Competences and Innovative Talent Cultivation Model", "Student Forum on Innovation Design for Future Education" and Closing Ceremony of the 2023 Global Smart Education Conference.

Mr. Guangju CHEN, Chairman of the Competition Steering Committee, Vice Director of School Affairs Committee of BNU announced the final results. Mr. Youqun REN, Director of the Department of Teacher Education, Chinese Ministry of Education and Mr. Tao ZHAN, Director of UNESCO IITE presented awards to the winning primary and secondary school teachers.

Mr. Tao ZHAN, Mr. Weizu SONG, Co-chairman of the Competition Judge Committee, Deputy Director of the Central Cultural Committee of the China Democratic League, Mr. Qingjie HAO, Deputy Secretary-General of China Association of Higher Education and Mr. Emil CHEN, Vice-Chairman of NetDragon presented awards to the winning teams for college students.

After comprehensive consideration and evaluation, the Competition judges of the College Student Track selected gold, silver, bronze and outstanding awards, totaling 10. Based on the five assessment criteria, the Competition mentors selected another 10 awards, namely, best design awards, best creativity awards, best practice awards, best presentation awards, and most technologically impressive awards.

For primary and secondary school teacher category of the Competition, after several rounds of selection by review experts, there are 30 winning videos in the Call for Videos with a theme of “5-Minute Mini Lesson on Knowledge Points in K12”. A total of 78 case-studies were selected for the Finals, including 11 first prizes, 24 second prizes and 43 third prizes.

Winning List (For Primary and Secondary School Teachers)

After three days of intense competition, the participants have crafted remarkable educational design solutions, contributing their efforts to the advancement of future education. While the year’s competition has ended, the journey of education remains ceaseless. We look forward to next year's event, where we anticipate more participants to contribute better outcomes.