Huang Ronghuai

Dean of Smart Learning Institute

Ronghuai Huang is a Professor in Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University (BNU). He has being engaged in the research on smart learning environment, artificial intelligence in education, educational technology as well as knowledge engineering. He received ‘Chang Jiang Scholar’ award in 2016, which is the highest academic award presented to an individual in higher education by the Ministry of Education of China. He serves as Co-Dean of Smart Learning Institute, Director of UNESCO International Rural Educational and Training Centre, and Director of China National Engineering Lab for Cyberlearning Intelligent Technology. He is very active in academic organizations both at home and abroad. He is also Committeeman of the Science Subject Expert Committee of the National Textbook Committee, Co-Leader of Information and Communication Technology Course Standard Group in Ordinary Senior High School, Vice-Chairman of China Educational Technology Association, Vice-Chairman of Teaching Guidance Committee of Educational Technology at Institutions of Higher Education, Vice-Chairman of Beijing Education Informatization Expert Committee, and Expert of MOE AI Innovation Panel. He is also President of The Global Chinese Society for Computers in Education, Vice President of International Association of Smart Learning Environments, and Editor-in-Chief of Springer’s Journal of Smart Learning Environment and Journal of Computers in Education. Till now, he has accomplished and is working on over 100 projects, and his ideas have been widely spread, with about 400 academic papers and over 40 books published at home and aboard.