2019 Global Future Education Design Contest Finals

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On December 28, the final of 2019 "Global Competition on Design for Future Education" were grandly held at Changping Campus of Beijing Normal University. Representative teams from China, Serbia and Tunisia completed the competition with outstanding performance. This competition was hosted by Beijing Normal University and Beijing Design Society, organized by Faculty of Education and Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University, co-organized by Elernity Educational Technology Co., Ltd, and supported by Chinese Society of Education and Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee Office.

Since its launch in September, the competition has received extensive attention from teachers and students of various colleges and universities. Nearly a thousand contestants from the three countries have signed up. In China, contestants covers 31 universities and over 10 colleges in 16 provinces across the country. The international chief referees of this competition include Dejian Liu, Chairman of NetDragon Websoft Inc. and Co-Dean of Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University; Weizu Song, Executive Commissioner and Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Leader of Beijing Municipal Committee of China Democratic League, and Founder of Beijing Design Society; Bojan Lalic, Professor of University of Novi Sad in Serbia and Mohamed Jemni, Director of ALESCO's ICT Department. During the final, designers and creative talents from China, Serbia and Tunisia gathered together to compete for the gold, silver and bronze awards, and fight for the ultimate glory.

Group photo

Speech Review
Chinese and foreign leaders and experts such as Guangju Chen, former vice president of Beijing Normal University; Weizu Song, executive commissioner and deputy secretary general of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, leader of Beijing Municipal Committee of China Democratic League, and founder of Beijing Design Society; Dejian Liu, chairman of NetDragon Websoft Inc., co-dean of Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University; Ronghuai Huang, co-dean of Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University; Yonghe Zheng, dean of Institute of Science and Education and professor of Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University; Hui Zeng, deputy director of the Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee Office; Jingwen Chen, vice director of Vocational and Adult Education Division of Beijing Municipal Education Commission; Junbo Song, CEO of Empower Education Online Co., Ltd; Chunlei Tie, Department of Academic Society, Beijing Association for Science and Technology; Haijing Wang, deputy general manager of Culture and Creative Financial Business Headquarters of Bank of Beijing; Sisi Yu, special assistant to CEO of HTC Weiai Education (HTC university division); Ratko Obradovic, professor of University of Novi Sad in Serbia and Ahmed Tlili, tutor of Tunisia attended or remotely participated in the closing ceremony of the final.

In the welcome address, Professor Guangju Chen said that the competition is an activity integrating education innovation, international exchanges, and cross-regional, cross-national, and cross-cultural education construction. Contestants from different countries created many unique design solutions and product prototypes during the activity, which fully demonstrated the rich imagination and creativity of the younger generation.

Welcome Address: Prof. Guangju Chen

Before the final, audiences reviewed the grand event of three countries through a short video. This short video gathers hundreds of moments of laughter and tears, showing the unforgettable journey of players from different countries from registration, competition, team formation, conception, design and roadshows to winning.

Serbian tutor Ratko Obradovic, Tunisian tutor Ahmed Tlili, and Chinese tutor Zhiying Nian introduced the overall situation of each competition division in detail, shared the interesting people and stories they encountered, and also introduced outstanding representative works of each region.

Final Competition
The final teams are composed of champion teams in each division. They are "We are all right team" from China, the "Pedomation" team from Serbia and the "ENDGAME" team from Tunisia. The order of final roadshow was determined by the draw. Professor Guangju Chen, Mr. Weizu Song, Dean Ronghuai Huang, Professor Yonghe Zheng, Deputy Director Hui Zeng, Deputy Director Jingwen Chen, Professor Ratko Obradovic and Ms. Sisi Yu served as judges of the final.

Before the final, Dean Dejian Liu, on behalf of the international chief referee team, introduced five evaluation standards of this competition with the help of a virtual AI character, namely the problem awareness, innovative spirit, future sense, social responsibility and application prospects reflected in the design work and output.
The Tunisian team is the first team to have roadshow in the final. They targeted at social hotspots — child bullying, designed an app for parents and teachers, as well as a matching smart watch for students. This mobile application can identify bullying keywords, monitor students' heartbeat, blood pressure and other abnormal conditions, and enable parents and teachers to master the geographical location of students’ quickly, and the matching smart watch for is convenient for students to carry.
The Chinese team also showed their creative ideas, they displayed their team work——“Little Scan in the Big World”, a science book for future education in many ways. This design was targeted on the domestic book problems that China import too many picture books and have few original works, and furthermore, the traditional book form was single, which could not effectively cultivate children's scientific thinking.

The Serbian team introduced a system that capable of generating 3D virtual scenes based on big data, VR and other technologies. They believe that this system can alleviate the lack of practical experience that vocational education students generally face during the education stage. After wearing the matching VR helmet and clothes, learners can devote themselves to the virtual world, practice and improve their professional skills.
The judges made comments on the works of each group, and gave professional opinions and suggestions on the actual operability and innovation of the product.

Serbian "Pedomation" team

Chinese "We are all right" team

Serbian "Pedomation" team

Jury comment

After the road show, Dean Dejian Liu made detailed comments on the design work of the three teams through remote connections. He first praised the excellent performance of each team, then combined with the current market and technology status, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each team's design works from a professional perspective, and proposed improvement suggestions for the existing problems.
Dean Dejian Liu: Comments

Mr. Weizu Song, on behalf of the expert jury, delivered a summary speech on the basic situation of the competition and the performance of three groups’ players. He pointed out that the competition projects have three main characteristics. First, they closely follow the theme of the competition, making full use of the core concepts of design methodology, and designing in a demand-oriented manner; second, each work can effectively raise questions, solve problems, and resolve contradictions; third, all players have a strong sense of innovation.
Mr. Weizu Song: competition summary

Award Ceremony
After fierce competition and professional selection, the final winner of the 2019 Global Competition on Design for Future Education was the Pedomation team from Serbia, the second place was the Tunisian ENDGAME team, and the third place was the Chinese “We are all right team”. At the award ceremony, Vice Chairman Weizu Song, Dean Ronghuai Huang and Deputy Director Hui Zeng presented trophies and prizes to the winning teams. The final prizes were exclusively sponsored by Empower Education Online Co., Ltd.

Gold Award: Serbia Team "Pedomation"
Silver Award: Tunisian Team "ENDGAME" Bronze Award: Chinese Team "We are all right"

The specific list of China's gold, silver, and bronze awards was also revealed at the awards ceremony of the final. Deputy director Jingwen Chen presented the award certificates to the winning teams of the vocational education group in China. Professor Guangju Chen, Dean Ronghuai Huang and deputy director Hui Zeng awarded the certificates to the winning teams of the China higher education group. Chairman Junbo Song presented certificate to the best poster award winning team.
China division: Award ceremony 
 Winning Projects 
Award  Team Name Winning Projects
Global Finals
Gold Award Pedomation VOVREE——A system that builds virtual worlds to improve students' practical skills
Silver Award ENDGAME Be Safe——Anti-bullying smart watch and mobile app
Bronze Award We are all right Little Scan in the Big World –a kind of scientific book for future education
China Final
Gold Award We are all right Little Scan in the Big World –a kind of scientific book for future education
Silver Award Miaomiao class When you are old—A shared safety education service design which was community oriented
Wang Zai Happy grands and kids——Let me love you more
Bronze Award Happy “Fei Zhai” Future oriented scientific knowledge acquisition method design——Life learning designed to cultivate the logical thinking of children aged 3-6
Just出It Fun Aviation-Innovation and Transcendence, Dream Space
5S Warm heart-Efficient parent-child companion game
Vegetarian Dragon Mindfulness-Solving the problem of "language violence" and creating a new way of family communication
All spoken is right Team "Interesting" Thinking——Physical programming board game based on computational thinking
Best Poster Award Wang Zai Team When you are old—A shared safety education service design which was community oriented

Dean Ronghuai Huang, as the chairman of the competition organizing committee, summarized in the end. He spoke highly of the competition and stated that there are three rational ways to look at education issues, namely education research, news tracking, and education design. This competition allows everyone to see future education and current education problems from the perspective of students, and can inspire us to think about how to make further changes.

Dean Ronghuai Huang: Summary