The 3rd "Smart Learning" Webinar in 2018 Rounded off

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4 Day’s Webinar
12 Invited Presenters from 6 Countries
More than 300 Participants from 10 Countries

      In response to the national artificial intelligence strategy, Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University held a webinar on the topic of “How will emerging IT reshape learning and industry?” from September 25 to28, 2018. A total of 12 experts, scholars from the United States, Britain, Serbia, Romania, Russia and China in the field of education, humanity and medicine provided their presentation. There has been a heated discussion on topics such as “Rethinking teacher’s role in artificial intelligent era”, “How to realize the effective combination of artificial intelligence and data science in the education industry”, “How to use information technology for wisdom education in different branches of education” and so on The audience and experts , from United States, Britain, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, South Africa, Ukraine, Mongolia, conducted in-depth exchanges and interactions online.
     Presenters include He Kekang, Director of the Institute of Modern Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University; David Wortley, Founder and CEO of 360 in 360 Immersive Experiences; Benedict du Boulay, Honorary Professor of Artificial Intelligence, School of Information, University of Sussex; Carolyn Rosé, from Mellon University; Branislav Bogojevic, Ph.D., Novi Sad University, Serbia; Gabriela Grosseck, Associate Professor from University of Timisoara, Romania; Laura Malita, Senior Lecturer from University of Shivala (WUT); Cintia Colibaba, Lecturer from Iasi Agricultural University, Romania; Natalia Amelina, UNESCO ITIT Expert from Romania; Diana Popa, professor of the Gheorghe Vranceanu National Academy in Bacau; Georgeta Panisoara, professor of psychology at the University of Bucharest; Romania, and Ovidiu Petris, an associate professor of medicine at the Romanian Medical University. 
He Kekang, Professor of School of Education and Technology, Beijing Normal University, Director of the Institute of Modern Educational Technology, Professor of Honorary Professor of Northeast Normal University (permanent professor)
Title: Artificial intelligence of emerging IT's significant impact on various education deepening reforms since the 21st century

Branislav Bogojevic  
PhD student, Department of Industrial Design and Management, School of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad University, Serbia
Title: Internships supported by the Moodle online learning platform
Gabriela Grosseck  Associate Professor, School of Psychology, University of Timisoara, Romania
Title: Digital University - Problems and Trends in Romanian Higher Education
Laura Malita  Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Science, School of Communication Science, University of Timisoara, Romania
Title: Media Education - Bridging the RO Education System
Cintia Colibaba  Lecturer, Iasi Agricultural University, Romania
Title: How ZOE/MOOCs reshape the medical and veterinary training industry
Natalia Amelina  UNESCO Education Information Technology Institute (UNESCO ITTE) expert
Title: Providing education and communication to people with disabilities through technical means
Diana Popa  Gheorghe Vranceanu National Academy, Bacau, Romania
Title: Technical applications in interactive slides
Georgeta Panisoara  Professor of Psychology, University of Bucharest, Romania
Title: TIMLOGO platform (voice therapy platform)
Ovidiu Petris   Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Romanian Medical University, Respiratory Medicine Specialist
Title: Alleviate medical MOOC
      The webinar has a rich schedule, focusing on the application results and development trends of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence in the fields of education and medicine, including the “Belt and Road” countries, and sharing artificial intelligence and data science. Development and application of information technology services in different education branches such as pre-school education, higher education, vocational training, special education, etc.; providing a platform for experts and scholars in the fields of education, humanities, medicine, etc. to share advanced experience and enhance mutual Understand and explore specific action plans.
Session 1 of  Beijing Normal University
Session 2 of  Beijing Normal University
The Session of  Northwest Normal University
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