Representatives of Chinese Cooperation Affairs from Serbia Novi Sad University Visited the Institute

date:2020-03-18 19:06author:adminsource:SLIviews:

On December 17, 2016, Marko Ljubbicic, representative of Chinese cooperation affairs of Serbia Novi Sad University, professor of Donghua University and the assistant professor Nikola Zivlak visited the institute, accompanied by Lin Zhu from China Education Association for International Exchange. They discussed how to start education cooperation and establish a platform for exchange.

Dr. Yuan Gao, senior researcher of the institute, presented the institute's basic situation, research directions and research achievements etc. On the other hand, Professor Marko Ljubbicic introduced the general situation of Novi Sad University; in addition he emphasized intense expectation to establish cooperation with the institute. He also indicated some of the advantages of the cooperation in regards to policy, visa, resource, position and so forth.

Co-Dean Ronghuai Huang expressed the research directions of both sides correspond. The open education resource of “The Belt and Road” is the entry point, which is suitable for both sides to establish cooperation. Co-Dean Ronghuai Huang suggested that the university should establish cooperation from government's cooperation, language problem, subject planning, platform building, policy formulation, open education copyright, etc.

Mr. Nikola Zivlak pointed out that the information circulation of “The Belt and Road” education project is not that good. He hoped that cooperation and exchange of education could be developed on the new platform “16+1” project. The other side also explained the reason why Novi Sad University wanted to cooperate with SLI : 1) Novi Sad University has its own MOOCs platform. However, although there are more than 70 courses on the platform, but people’s acceptability of these courses is not good; 2) in “16+1” project, Serbia hopes that a science research center can be established to retain talent by cooperating with SLI; 3) in Serbia, the technology content of trade is not enough, which needs international cooperation which is more scientific and creative; 4) Serbia has already cooperated with Donghua University in Summer School, which is a good foundation of cooperation.

In this visiting, two sides have decided the following intentions of cooperation: 1) promote the development of “16+1” education forum at the country level; 2) promote the a assignment of MoU; 3) carry out the research project of Euro-Asian Cooperation; 4) carry out the exchange programs of education such as Summer School.