【Call For Book Chapters】Springer Smart Computing and Intelligence Series New Book | Between Myth and Reality: Where Metaverse in Education

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The COVID-19 pandemic imposed restrictions on physical interactions to change the way of learning and teaching. The social distance stimulates educational institutes to use learning technologies and rethink novel ways of learning. Educational metaverse has seen growing interest as a promising trend to integrate the physical world with the virtual world to overcome the limitation of social presence. 
Between Myth and Reality: Where Metaverse in Education Stands” book aims to encourage research and discussion on metaverse to enhance its understanding and adoption worldwide. It also aims to assist educators and various stakeholders (e.g., policy makers, practitioners) in the educational field to understand, implement, promote and integrate metaverse in different learning contexts. As part of the Springer series Smart Computing and Intelligence (https://www.springer.com/series/15620), this book will be co-edited by Prof. Ronghuai  HUANG, Dr. Deijian LIU, Dr. Ahmed Hosny Saleh Metwally and Dr. Ahmed Tlili from Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University. We sincerely inviting researchers and practitioners to submit book chapters that could enrich the discussion on metaverse in education for the book.
Please submit your abstracts and full chapters to Dr. Ahmed Hosny: ahmed.hosny@bnu.edu.cn, and Dr. Ahmed Tlili: ahmedtlili@ieee.org by March 15, 2023
See the CFP below for more details.