2017 International Seminar on Immersive Learning and VR Educational Application was held at Harvard University

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From January 13 to 15, 2017 according to the time of American East, Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University and Educational Institute of Harvard University co-hosted the 2017 International Seminar on Immersive Learning and VR Educational Application at Harvard University. More than 40 experts from the United States, Britain, Spain, Germany and China attended the seminar. The representatives of Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University were Dejian Liu, chairman of Netdragon Incorporation and Co-Dean of the institute, Professor Ronghuai Huang, Co-Dean of the institute and Dr. Tingwen Chang, director of the International Communication and Cooperation Center.

Some scholars attending the seminar

At the opening ceremony, a work authorization was jointly sighed by Harvard University, Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University and NetDragon Incorporation. A permanent academic authorization of ECOMUVE was given by Harvard University to Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University and NetDragon Incorporation. Besides, a VR Chinese-English version of ECOMUVE will be developed in the next three months, which showed that VR/AR educational application in China had been proved by the top university in the world and also the cooperation between China and USA would be further developed.

The representatives of the opening

The tripartite agreement were signed.

In this meeting, 12 seminars about academic articles were hosted. The experts giving reports include (in the order of giving report) : Professor Mel Slater, Universitat de Barceloa, Spain, Dr, Jeffrey Jacobson, Public VR, Boston, Professor Nicole Kraemer, der Universität Duisburg-Essen, German, Professor Valerie Shute, Florida State University, America, Professor Michael Gardner, University of Essex, UK, Professor Eric Klopfer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, America, Professor Mina Johnson-Glenborg, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands, Bertrand Schneider, Harvard University, America, Professor Mingquan Zhou, Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University, Co-Dean Dejian Liu and Co-Dean RongHuai Huang.

All the papers as well as related researches got the attention of experts and scholars attending the meeting and triggered a heated discussion. In 2017, the final achievements of this meeting will be published as one of the series: Smart Computing and Intelligence.