UNESCO: News Policy brief – Distance Learning in the Arab States

date:2020-07-21 22:19author:adminsource:UNESCOviews:

UNESCO Beirut developed a policy brief on distance learning to provide guidance and recommendations for policy-makers and educators in the Arab region and support them to transit more swiftly from the traditional teaching methods to the new educational modalities.

This policy brief:

  • defines distance learning and education and gives a brief overview of the evolution of this concept over time;
  • highlights the importance of distance learning and education and tackles related challenges and opportunities;
  • explains necessary elements for the transition to distance education
  • lists distance learning tools and patterns;
  • explains the role of E-learning facilitators in distance learning;
  • emphasizes the importance of Blended Learning for the future; and
  • suggests recommendations to take into consideration.

You may download the policy brief on distance learning (Arabic), below (English version is not available yet.)
Resource links:http://sli.bnu.edu.cn/uploads/soft/200721/1_2218543271.pdf