the PÚBLICO: Children's book invites families and educators to talk about the experiences of the pandemic

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The book In the Fight Against the Great Virus: Trinka, John and the Community work together!, adapted to Portuguese by four experts from Viseu, aims to give children, parents and educators tools to address the covid-19 pandemic.
Through a children's story, children, parents and educators in general are invited to "talk and talk about their experiences, their feelings, which may be related to covid-19, to social confinement", explains Cátia Magalhães, a teacher at the Polytechnic of Viseu, who coordinated the team responsible for translation and adaptation, with the teachers Ana Berta Alves and José Sargento, and Bruno Carraça, a clinical and health psychologist from the Dão Lafões Health Center Grouping.
Created by a professor and psychologist from the University of California, USA, with the support of the Early Trauma Treatment Network, the book is available for free download.
According to Cátia Magalhães, the story allows "talking in a more adaptive way" through a "more conscious and compassionate approach of this whole situation".
"It has a powerful side, which allows them to reach out to children and families, so that they can talk and share good and bad times experienced during the confinement."
The teacher, who has worked on programs in the area of parental and family education, warns that "in a family context situations of greater conflict, greater tension, greater difficulty may arise", especially "in a difficult situation for everyone like the current one, which requires changes".
"Causing change in everyone's life, it's normal for feelings to arise that are more difficult to deal with. This story allows families to be more united, to talk not only about the history of Trinka and John, but about their own stories, in their family life and what holds them together," she stresses.
The project consists of the story, a leaflet and a guide for parents, because it also aims to serve adults, so that they can "feel less alone, as parents, who - like educators in general - sometimes do not know how to manage the situation".
Originally thought for the North American public, the story meets the situations experienced in Portugal, because "the difficulties and essential problems are something common to all, regardless of the place or the country".
"It can be something interesting to bring into our context and try to give another response, a resource and an instrument to the current situation, which is difficult for everyone," concludes the teacher.
Source: the PÚBLICO,14/07/2020