Harvard University provides more online courses

date:2020-04-24 19:20author:小编source:Smart Learning Instituteviews:

During the Covid-19, online teaching at Harvard University is proceeding in an orderly manner. Today, with a developed network, we can access the courses of world-renowned schools at any time. Harvard University has recently opened more online courses, especially the addition of many short-term courses of 1-8 weeks. Whether you are a student or a professional, as long as you are interested in a certain subject or field, you can join the study. Courses currently open include:
   • A total of 120+ courses in 11 subjects, ranging from 1 week to more than 10 weeks are provided. The 11 subjects are Arts and Design, Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Education and Teaching, Health and Medicine, Humanities, Mathematics, Programming, Science, and Social Sciences.

   • The level of the courses is divided into beginner / intermediate / advanced.
   • Most courses are free, and some courses require payment. You can choose according to your needs. Most courses are taught through the edX platform, and certificates will be awarded after the course is completed.
Specific course information can be obtained from the official website of Harvard Online Courses (https://online-learning.harvard.edu/).