UNESCO:UNESCO Science Sector Compiles Educational Resources to Assist Students on the African continent

date:2020-04-16 15:47author:adminsource:UNESCOviews:

The World Health Organization declared the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) a “pandemic” on 11 March 2020, adding that this is the first "worldwide spread" of a new disease that can be controlled. The continual spread of infections and the unpredictability of conditions improving in the short-term has caused for drastic measures by governments in a variety of ways, including closure of schools at all levels. UNESCO estimates that 1.37 billion students are home as a result of COVID-19 school closures with the figures likely to increase if the pandemic continues to spread. For continuity of learning, under the overall coordination of Director of UNESCO Nairobi the Science Sector has compiled a variety of educational resources to assist students on the African continent, especially from vulnerable and poor communities.

These resources are available online for free access to anyone (Only in English so far). Some of the courses might ask the user to register and you have to so with your email and institution to be able to access. These educational resources cover many subject areas including natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, arts, social science etc. to meet the needs of the wider student population.

Some of the materials from Huawei and Microsoft are basically targeted at specific audiences in ICT and technology related fields. The edX and NDLI are focused on university education, on specific subject areas that were classified based on thematic topics. Our goal is to update these educational resources as the situation progresses.

Below, you can download a complete list of all of the free learning resources that have been compiled: