Ahmed Tlili,黄荣怀,张定文等:通过监控学习者游戏的互动,识别学习者的阅读障碍程度

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Unobtrusive monitoring of learners’ game interactions to identify their dyslexia level


Several research studies have highlighted that the traditional method of identifying dyslexia within learners is time consuming, expensive and might not be effective as some people acquired the skills to hide their disability. Particularly, no tool or method was reported in the Arab region (22 countries) that could help identify dyslexia within Arab learners. Therefore, this paper presents a developed and validated educational game to implicitly identify the level of dyslexia within learners based on their game play traces. The game was played by twenty-six children within a private school for special education with the supervision of experts from a private center for learners with disabilities. The obtained results showed that the accuracy level of identifying learners with dyslexia with the use of the game is high. Additionally, the experts reported a favorable perception and high technology acceptance degree towards the game. The findings of this research could enhance the educational technology field by providing an educational game design for implicit identification of dyslexia level.


Disability; Educational games; Specific learning disorders; Dyslexia; Visual-spatial attention; Phonological awareness

Author information

Ahmed Tlili1 , Roua Najjar2 , Fathi Essalmi2,4, Mohamed Jemni2 , Maiga Chang3 , Ronghuai Huang1 , Ting-Wen Chang1
[1] Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University, China 
[2] Research laboratory of Technologies of Information and Communication & Electrical Engineering (LaTICE), Tunis higher school of engineering (ENSIT), University of TUNIS, Tunisia
[3] School of Computing and Information Systems, Athabasca University, Athabasca, Canada 
[4] Management Information Systems Department, College of business, University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia